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Warehouse 13
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General Information
Affiliation The Regents
Director Irene Frederic (Caretaker)
Arthur Nielsen (Supervisor)
Personnal See Warehouse Personnal
Location 7 miles from Univille, South Dakota
Status Active

Warehouse 13 is a massive, top-secret storage facility in South Dakota that houses supernatural artifacts, mysterious relics, and supernatural souvenirs collected by the U.S. Government. Warehouse 13 is the 13th iteration of the Warehouse, with other iterations having existed throughout history. The current Warehouse is also known as K39ZZZ on the North American Grid, but is affectionately called "America's Attic" by the Warehouse boss, Arthur Nielsen. However, due to this being the nickname for the Smithsonian, Agent Claudia Donovan has suggested that it needs a new name. Agent Peter Lattimer has suggested the nickname, "The World's Junk Drawer", with Claudia herself offering both the "Library of Crazy", and her favourite, "Artifact Roadshow". Warehouse 13 is commonly (at least in Univille) believed to be an IRS warehouse facility that stores people's tax returns. This was revealed to Pete, Myka and Claudia in season 2 episode 3, Beyond Our Control.

Current Warehouse

The current version of the Warehouse, Warehouse 13, is located just outside Univille, South Dakota. Originally it was more steam-punk based.

Warehouse 13 circa 1961-1-

Warehouse 13 circa 1961

Warehouse Personnal

For a simple, alphabetic list of personnel, see List of Warehouse Personnel

Warehouse Layout

The Warehouse, a massive metal and stone structure, provides storage for both artifacts and items of significance to Warehouse operations. It includes a variety of rooms, most of which exist underground, and each with different purposes.

Alternate Reality

In "Endless Terror", Paracelsus combined H.G. Wells' Time Machine, Pierre-Simon Laplace's Telescope, Theodsius of Bithynia's Sun Dial, and Karl Schwarzschild's Pocket Watch to open a portal back in time. Paracelsus went back to the day he was bronzed, June 10th 1541, and killed all the Regents of Warehouse 9. In doing so, Paracelsus dramatically changed history. After the death of the Regents of Warehouse 9, the Caretaker of Warehouse 9, Paracelsus, decided that from that point on one man should have complete authority over the Warehouse and that man should be him. As such, no Regents were ever appointed again after Warehouse 9 and Paracelsus became Caretaker for Warehouses 9 through 13.

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Alternate Warehouse 13

In this alternate version, the Warehouse is used as a high tech research facility, instead of the steam-punk aesthetic and various chambers for the experimentation of various artifacts on people. This alternate Warehouse has been the world leader in the field of human experimentation for centuries. The advanced computer system is run by the Alternate Version of Abigail Cho, which is integrated into her mind. Somehow, Paracelsus replicated artifacts to make an army of super soldiers to protect and guard the warehouse, the two artifacts he replicated were Chester Moore Hall's Achromatic Lens and The Spine of the Saracen. Once Paracelsus was stopped and the timeline was restored, the Warehouse went back to it's original state.