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Steve Jinks
General Information
Title Former ATF Agent,
Warehouse Gatherer
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Status Alive (Un-deceased)
Siblings Olivia Jinks (older sister; deceased)
Quirks Has the ability to tell when people are lying or telling the truth
Played by Aaron Ashmore
First Appearance The New Guy

Steve Jinks was a ATF agent who was recruited by Irene Frederic after having been told by Artie the nature of Warehouse 13. Jinks was intended to be Agent Bering's replacement, but after she returned to the Warehouse it appears that himself, Agent Bering and Agent Lattimer will work as a team out in the field, or that he will partner with Claudia if multiple artifacts need to be retrieved at one time.



  • Mrs. Jinks (mother)
  • Olivia Jinks (sister, deceased)

Significant Others

  • Liam Napier (ex-boyfriend)