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The following characters have worked or currently work for the Warehouse:



The following personnel work or have worked as supervisors of the Warehouse:

  • Caturanga - Warehouse 12 Supervisor
  • Charlie Martin – Warehouse 13 Supervisor in 1961
  • Arthur Nielsen – Warehouse 13 Supervisor
  • Unnamed – Warehouse 13 Supervisor in the future set several decades later

Other Personnel

The following personnel work for the Warehouse in some way other than the ways listed above:

  • Claudia Donovan - Warehouse 13 Caretaker in the future set several decades later
  • Mrs. Frederic – Warehouse 13 Caretaker
  • Leena – Warehouse associate; deceased
  • Abigail Cho - Warehouse psychologist and Keeper
  • Vanessa Calder – Warehouse Doctor
  • Taka – Warehouse Memory Proper
  • Paracelsus - Warehouse 9 Caretaker
  • Franz Steinbruck - The Artie of Warehouse 8 and Protector of the Chinese Orchid
  • Unnamed Courier - Regent's Courier

Regent Security

  • Mrs. Frederic's bodyguard - Took care of and protected Mrs. Fredric, though was more of a steward almost. He was killed when Artie used the Phoenix.
  • Mr. Jackson - Former head of Regent Security
  • Miller - Member of Regent Security
  • Stanes - Member of Regent Security

The Regents


Warehouse 13 Co-Builders/Contributors

  • Thomas Edison
  • Nikola Tesla
  • M. C. Escher
  • Albert Einstein
  • Philo Farnsworth


These people are not technically members of the Warehouse (unless they are former members) but know about it and help them.

  • Douglas Fargo
  • Bennett Sutton
  • Charlotte DuPres
  • Nick Powell
  • Daniel Dickinson
  • Joe Sweetwood
  • Jeff Weaver