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The Warehouse

The following personnel work for the Warehouse as gatherers of artifacts:

Future Agents

  • Unnamed – Supervisor
  • Adam
  • Jenny

Past Agents

The following personnel used to work for the Warehouse and have stopped doing so for a variety of reasons:

  • Hugo Miller – Originally retired from insanity.
  • Vanessa Calder - Now the Warehouse Doctor.
  • Helena G. Wells – Formerly of Warehouse 12; voluntarily Bronzed; Debronzed by James MacPherson; went rogue; briefly reinstated at Warehouse 13; went rogue again; arrested and her consciousness incarcerated by the Regents; consciousness and body reunited; killed in the destruction of the Warehouse; revived with the Warehouse in the current timeline; retires with "civilian" status, though she's aware of the Warehouse's existence and covertly assists with gathering them and hides weapons in her home.
  • S. Pocklinton – Presumed deceased.
  • Buck Mendell – Presumed deceased.
  • Fishings - worked alongside with Artie, MacPherson and possible Hugo
  • E. Averson - Presumed deceased
  • Rebecca St. Clair – Retired; then came back Spine of the Saracen for one last mission before she died of Cancer
  • Jack Secord – Killed by the Spine of the Saracen on his last mission.
  • James MacPherson – Former agent who went rogue; killed by H. G. Wells after he repented of his betrayal and started to expose his plans.
  • Erik Kluger – Killed by James MacPherson.
  • Gus - Warehouse 13 Agent in 1961
  • Caturanga - Warehouse 12 Agent
  • Vincent Crowley - Was killed when his own rocket launched him into the atmosphere, after he plotted against the Warheouse's Relocation.
  • Sir James Eddington - Murdered by Vincent Crowley.
  • William Wollcott - Warehouse 12 Agent
  • Alexi - Warehouse 11 Agent
  • David Luca - Warehouse 12 Agent killed by Dan Seavey
  • Male Warehouse 9 Agent 1 - Arrested Paracelsus
  • Male Warehouse 9 Agent 2 - Arrested Paracelsus
  • Female Warehouse 9 Agent - Arrested Paracelsus
  • Lisa Da Vinci - Leonard Da Vinci's granddaughter

Secret Service

The following agents work for the Secret Service but are not assigned to Warehouse 13:

  • Daniel Dickinson - Deceased
  • Sam Martino - Deceased