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James MacPherson's Modified Tesla
General Information
Effects Slightly more powerful and shoots red lightning
Temporary unconsciousness, short-term memory loss and immediate electrical combustion
Source Erik Kluger
Danger Minimal to High, based on setting
Activate Pulling the tigger
Location Debatable
In Thomas's possession (James MacPherson's reality)

James MacPherson's Modified Tesla is a modified Tesla that was used by James MacPherson. He obtained it through the Warehouse, and obviously had Erik Kluger mess with it. It was used by Agent Ogawa at the Woodrow Wilson Peace Museum. It seems to be slightly more powerful and shoots red lightning and acts more powerful, at least twice as strong seeing as it beat both Pete Lattimer's and Myka Bering's Teslas at the same time. It's possible that it has a small chance of killing. It was either destroyed by implosion grenades at the airport or obtained by the Warehouse at some point in the ongoing war between MacPherson and Warehouse 13.

Also see the original Tesla.