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Global Dynamics
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Vital statistics
Affiliation Eureka (Town)
Director Albert Einstein (Founder)
Henry Deacon
Allison Carter (DOO)
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Global Dynamics is described in the pilot as being responsible for the development of all major technological breakthroughs in the last 50 years, with the products of its research having been used in both commercial and military applications. Security is understandably tight at the facility; Allison Blake describes the cloaking forcefields and other safeguards as being so cutting-edge that "Area 51 wishes they had our security." Global Maintains a EM field around its perimeter 24/7. The EM field is so no one can hack into the main server. The only entrance seen so far is down a path which leads to a rickety old bridge. Once you drive onto the bridge you pass through some holographic barrier onto a road leading up to global. It is assumed that there are more entrances that have not been shown yet.

The facility is broken into several departments, or "sections." Known sections include:

  • Section 2: Quantum Frequency Project
  • Section 3: Records, and Primate Studies
  • Level 4: Fargo's First Office
  • Section 5: Military Technology
  • Section 7: Air defense
  • Section 8: Technology that could allow travel between parallel worlds
  • Section 14: Nuclear Testing
  • Lab 27: Biosphere


Global Dynamics was started during WWII when Albert Einstein realized that our future was in the hands of scientists not soldiers. He convinced President Truman to create a haven where the world's greatest thinkers could live and work (Pilot). The site for Global Dynamics and Eureka was chosen due to its geological stability.

Global Dynamics


  • Larry Haberman (Researcher)
  • Douglas Fargo (Former Director)
  • Allison Carter (Director of Operations)
  • Henry Deacon (Director)
  • Phillip Bennett (Deputy Director)
  • Zane Donovan (Head of Section 5)
  • Jo Lupo (Head of Security)
  • Holly Marten (Researcher)
  • Isaac Parrish (Researcher)
  • Irvin Horatio Thatcher (Retired Researcher)
  • Warren King (Former Director)
  • Walter Perkins (Former Researcher)
  • Jason Anderson (Disgraced Researcher)
  • Kim Anderson (Former Researcher)
  • Victor Arlan
  • Nathan Stark (Former Head of Researcher)
  • Bubay
  • Julia Golden
  • Hood
  • Tess Fontana (Former Director)
  • Carl Carlson
  • Ethan Edison
  • Aaron Finn
  • Anne Young


These people are not technically members of Global Dynamics (unless they are former employees) but know about it and help them.