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The Warehouse Caretaker is the agent who has a form of symbiotic connection to the current incarnation of the Warehouse. Their link allows them to actively search through inventory, sense if the Warehouse is in trouble, and above all be a living body for the Warehouse's soul to share. A Caretaker has access to the restricted files on the current and past Warehouse secrets. Should a Warehouse fail to properly deactivate and later reawaken after the death of its original Caretaker, then it will attempt to form a relationship with the Caretaker of the current Warehouse. This can be harmful to the Caretaker, as he or she will not be able keep up with the information of both Warehouses and their brain will be overloaded. If the reawakened Warehouse can be deactivated, then the Caretaker's flow of information will revert to its original state. The same situation occurs when a past Caretaker is revived. The Caretaker is organically connected to the Warehouse, as such as long the Warehouse lives they will live, but if the Warehouse dies they will die.

Known Caretakers

  • Alexander the Great - Founder and soul person in charge of the very first Warehouse
  • Paracelsus - Former Caretaker of Warehouse 9 and 13
  • Mrs. Frederic - Caretaker of Warehouse 13
  • Claudia Donovan - Future Caretaker of Warehouse 13