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The Artifact
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Creator: Pre-Universe
Function: Unknown
Location: Section 5 (Global Dynamics)

The Artifact is the last remaining object from the universe that existed before the Big Bang. It gives off massive amounts of radiation that make it dangerous for anyone to approach it and there isn't advanced enough technology to be able to track the radiation. The Artifact itself exists outside of space-time. It serves as an antenna for the Akashic Field, a zero-point subspace nexus for all the knowledge of the universe.

The Artifact is stored in Section 5 of Global Dynamics where it was studied by Nathan Stark, Kim Anderson and other top scientists. The Artifact is destroyed during an attempt to extract a piece of it, which also results in the death of a Kim Anderson. In an alternate time line, Henry Deacon is able to use the Artifact sample to time travel back to before the incident and prevent the explosion that kills his wife.