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Dr. Arthur "Artie" Nielsen

Special Agent in Charge Arthur "Artie" Nielsen

General Information
Title Warehouse Supervisor
Special Agent in Charge
Grade GS-15, Step 10
Gender Male
Location Warehouse 13
Ex-Partner James MacPherson
Enemies James MacPherson
Mr. Knock Knock
The Soviet Union
Brother Adrian
Played by Saul Rubinek
First Appearance Pilot

Dr. Arthur "Artie" Nielsen, born Arthur Weisfelt, runs Warehouse 13. He serves as its custodian and has been there longer than any other current warehouse personnel. He was a NSA Cryptographer before working for Warehouse 13.



  • Izzy Weisfelt (father)

Significant Others

  • Vanessa Calder (ex-girlfriend)
  • Carol Augustine (ex-girlfriend)


  • All episodes (Warehouse 13)